Ear Well

Acadian ENT is the only provider in Lafayette that can perform this procedure. Ear well new non-surgical device that corrects infant ear deformities. Since ear deformities are one of the more common referrals we receive from pediatricians, it should benefit your patients to learn that there is now a simple and fast, non- traumatic solution. Up until this point, the only viable option for a patient with an ear deformity had been an invasive surgical procedure that was costly to the parent and often difficult for the child.

“EarWell” non-surgically, non-invasively and painlessly corrects infant ear deformities regardless of type or severity. It properly and permanently reshapes the ear during the narrow time window when circulating maternal estrogens remain at high levels in the child. Best results are achieved when EarWell therapy is initiated during the first three weeks of life.

The incidence of ear deformities is substantially higher than what most of us had believed. Several published studies indicate that the frequency of occurrence actually exceeds 15% of all newborns and may be as high as 25%. Additionally, the old axiom to which we physicians subscribed has now proven to be false. Most ears do not significantly self-correct. Documentation now suggests that 70% of the ears deformed at infancy either stay the same or get worse.

EarWell not only removes the prospect of a surgical option, but also frees a child from development years filled with peer taunting and teasing. Additionally, the procedure is typically covered by most insurance, eliminating most out-of pocket parental expense.