Proper diet before and after facial cosmetic surgery can ensure a quick and effective healing process. Dr. Bradley Chastant suggests that if you are considering facial plastic surgery, you should be aware of everything you ingest. Below are specific guidelines regarding diet, fluid consumption, exercise, vitamins and medications in order to help them better prepare for surgery. Dr. Jeffrey Joseph adds, “the skin is the largest organ of the human body and it is affected by everything it comes into contact with and both externally and internally. Proper nutrition and effective hydration are essential to keeping it healthy.”

Before surgery (4 to 6 weeks)


  • Eat a high-protein diet
  • Eat at least 3 servings of fruit and vegetables daily
  • Drink plenty of water (6 to 8 glasses per day)
  • Avoid coffee and sodas that are high in caffeine, a natural diuretic
  • Exercise daily, but not to soreness
  • Stop vitamin intake 3 weeks before surgery except for C, K, Selenium and Zinc. Increasing Vitamin C will help diminish bruising
  • If you take any herbal supplements, give a complete list to your doctor.
  • Eliminate all over-the-counter drugs except for acetaminophen (Tylenol) at least 3 weeks before surgery
  • If you smoke, plan to stop. Tobacco use, among other dangers, has a very negative effect on healing.


After surgery


  • Lots of water (64 ounces per day minimum)
  • Avoid liquid intake before bedtime, as salt and fluids can make eyes puffy in the morning
  • More fruits and vegetables – less pasta, grains and cereals
  • Eat smaller meals more frequently (5 times a day)
  • Choose small amounts of low-fat protein at each meal
  • Exercise moderately to encourage blood flow and flexibility when approved by your doctor