Ryan P. Chastant, MD

* Individual Result Will Vary

36 year old women treated with Bilateral Lower Blepharoplasty, 4 months post-op

66 year old man treated with Facelift, Cervical Liposuction, Endoscopic Browlift with Tines, Bilateral Upper Blephs, Bilateral Lower Blephs, Cortex, 3 months post-op

47 year old women treated with facelift 8 weeks post-op

39 year old male treated with rhinoplasty, functional septoplasty, NVR, SMR bilateral turbinates, 10 months postop

Treated with rhinoplasty, 8 week post-op

6 week old infant treated for ear deformity with ear well correction left ear, 2 month post opt

54 year old female, treated with facelift, cervical liposuction, chin implants, upper lip lift, cortex, 2 months post-op

64 year old women treated with Facelift, endobrow with tines, cervical liposuction, bilateral upper blephs, cortex CO2, 1 month post op

28 year old female treated with lip fillers, 3 day post procedure

15 year old treated with Bilateral Otoplasty, 9 days postop

52 year old women treated with Endoscopic Brow Lift, BL upper and lower bleph ,Full Face Cortex laser, 1 month postop

54 year old women,Facelift, Endobrow with Tines, Cervical Liposuction, Cortex CO2 Full Face, 8 month postop