The browlift (also known as the forehead lift) smoothes the forehead, lifts sagging brows, while improving the deep furrows between eyes. Between the ages of 35 and 50, you may begin to notice wrinkles or frown lines becoming more prominent on the forehead area. Drooping eyebrows and heavy eyelids may accompany these wrinkles and frown lines adding to the appearance of aging. To correct this problem, a browlift can be performed to soften the wrinkles and correct the drooping brows and heavy lids, providing a younger, more vibrant appearance. A browlift can be performed as an outpatient procedure which may take 1 or 2 hours. Usually, the incision is hidden just inside the hairline. Through these incisions, the eyebrows may be elevated to allow for a gentle redraping of the forehead skin producing a smoother surface and opens up your eyes for a more youthful, rested appearance.

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