Facial Implants

Facial implants can enhance the contours of your face and give a more proportional appearance. Facial implants are a safe, permanent method of correcting a receding chin or providing higher cheekbones. Chin and cheek implants are designed to give a more distinctive appearance and should be considered when one wishes to achieve more prominent features.

What are Facial Implants?

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What are Facial Implants?

Your facial plastic surgeon at Acadian Facial Plastic Surgery Center can utilize computer-generated technology to educate you about these procedures, once your needs have been assessed. Facial implants can bring a more proportionate balance to your face, enhancing and boosting self-confidence and esteem.

What are Facial Implants?
Facial implants are synthetic devices that are usually constructed of a biocompatible silicone material called silastic. They come in a range of shapes and sizes that allow our surgeons to carefully match your results to your facial proportions for a balanced, natural look. The implants are placed into a pocket created for this purpose and then secured to prevent migration or rotation after surgery. The most common facial implants used today are those designed to enhance and augment the cheeks and chin.

Our office also offers numerous injectable fillers, each designed with a specific purpose of improving the harmony of the face. However, facial implants offer long-lasting alterations to the facial contour, making them a preferred option for some patients over injectable fillers. 

Fat transfer is another popular choice in cheek and chin augmentation, but it requires the removal of fat cells from another area of the body, and the results of the fat injections can be less predictable than other treatments. Implants offer the most consistent, durable results available in facial augmentation today.

Adding Definition to the Midface
The simple passage of time takes its toll on the face as the dermal structure begins to lose support and the area takes on a hollow appearance. Sagging skin can also be a problem that exacerbates issues. Cheek implants are an excellent way to counter these changes, restoring youthful definition to the cheekbones while providing some skin firming and lift to the midface.

Younger patients that have never been happy with the shape of their cheekbones may also benefit from this procedure. The procedure may be performed on adult patients of any age. The surgeons at Acadian Facial Plastic Surgery Center will assess your unique situation to determine whether cheek implants might be the best solution for you.

Creating a Stronger Jawline
The midface is not the only area that can benefit from greater definition and enhanced contour. The chin plays a crucial role in establishing the overall shape and contour of the face as well. When the chin recedes or lacks the necessary strength and form to balance the other features, it profoundly impacts your entire appearance. A weak chin may give the illusion of a disproportionately large forehead or nose while diminishing attractive definition along the jawline.

Chin implants are frequently performed at Acadian Facial Plastic Surgery Center, although that is not always what the patient requests initially when they come in for a consultation. Often patients that want to change the nose or other features are surprised to discover that correction to the chin will often reap the greatest benefit. It is also common to perform chin augmentation using implants at the same time as nose or forehead surgery to accomplish a harmonious balance to the entire face.

Implant Surgery Overview
Implants are usually placed during outpatient surgery under general anesthesia or local anesthetic with sedation. Incisions are placed so that visible scarring after surgery will be minimal or eliminated. Incisions are frequently made inside the mouth to place cheek implants. Incisions for chin implants can also be made in the mouth at the lower gum line, but in most cases, the incision will be placed underneath the chin.

Through the incisions, our surgeons create a small pocket to fit the implant. Once the implant is in place and secure, the incisions are closed using tiny, meticulous sutures. It usually takes less than one hour to complete the procedure. You will then spend a few hours in recovery before you are released to go home.

Recovery Basics
It is completely normal to have some bruising and swelling after implant surgery. We will prescribe medication to keep you comfortable for the first few days and give you instructions on how to keep the surgical area clean to promote healthy healing and reduce infection risk. You will also be advised to sleep with your head elevated for the first week, and to use ice packs or cold compresses to help manage swelling and discomfort. Most patients return to work and other daily activities within about one week.

Long-Lasting Results
The full results of your implant surgery will become evident as the swelling subsides altogether, which may take a few weeks. Facial implants offer lasting results that many patients enjoy for a lifetime. If you never experience any problems with your implants, there is no reason to have them removed or replaced.

Facial implants offer dramatic enhancement to the facial contour that endures for many years. If you are unhappy with the proportion and balance of your facial features, perhaps implants might be a good solution for you. When considering a surgeon for this procedure, choosing a surgeon with extensive experience in all types of facial procedures will help ensure the best outcome. Our physicians specialize in plastic surgery of the face and are fully equipped to address both cosmetic and medical concerns involving the various facial features. Our team will help you obtain your goals safely and successfully. To schedule your consultation, contact Acadian Facial Plastic Surgery Center today at 337-237-0650.

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