Do you have undesired aspects of your nose? Is it too large, crooked, or are there bumps on the bridge? Consider rhinoplasty, one of the most common forms of facial plastic surgery, as your solution. Over half a million men and women every year consider changing the appearance of their nose. Most of these individuals are unhappy with the nose they were born with, while some are looking to correct a defect caused by an injury to the nose or treat a medical problem that affects their breathing. Whatever the reason, nothing impacts an individual’s appearance more than the shape and size of the nose.

The surgeons at Acadian Facial Plastic Surgery Center can help you bring your nose into proportion with the other elements of your face, dramatically transforming your appearance. Our expert staff will listen to your concerns and aesthetic goals to tailor your nose surgery to your specifications.


Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery is a versatile procedure that can address a host of cosmetic and even some functional concerns. Common reasons a patient might seek rhinoplasty include:

  • Dorsal hump or indentation along the nasal bridge
  • A nose that is disproportionately wide or narrow
  • A crooked nasal bridge due to genetics or injury
  • A nasal tip that is too wide, too pointy or bulbous
  • Nasal tip that angles too far up or down
  • Nostrils that look pinched or flare outwards
  • Asymmetry in the nose that creates an unbalanced look

Patients may also consider nose reshaping surgery to correct structural defects that impact the function of the nose. A common reason is to adjust a deviated septum, which is the cartilage that runs between the nasal passages. When this divider is crooked, it can make breathing difficult. By straightening the septum, we can make breathing easier while improving a patient’s appearance at the same time.


Different factors will determine whether you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty:

  • You are in generally good health and a non-smoker
  • You have imperfections or asymmetries with the nose you would like to correct
  • You have a deformity that was present at birth you want to change
  • You have suffered an injury to the nose that has altered its appearance or function
  • You are committed to taking sufficient time off for the recovery process
  • Your expectations for your surgery are both reasonable and realistic

Our surgeons at Acadian Facial Plastic Surgery Center will meet with you at your initial consultation to listen to your concerns and aesthetic goals. We will also perform a full assessment of your medical history and current health status to ensure surgery will be safe and you will achieve the results you want.


Our surgeons at Acadian Facial Plastic Surgery Center perform rhinoplasties either under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. The decision will depend on the length of your procedure, the extent of your corrections and the preference of you and your surgeon. Most incisions for this surgery are made inside the nose, so there is no visible scarring afterward. If external incisions are needed, they are made across the tissue underneath the nose that separates the nostrils, which will not be too noticeable.

Depending on the correction that you require, we may be removing or adding cartilage to create a more attractive profile and shape to the nose. We might also remodel your current skin and tissue to create a more pleasing shape, or graft in cartilage, fat cells or synthetic fillers to enhance the fullness of the nose and put the finishing touch on the ideal nasal contour. Structural deformities can be corrected with these techniques, while we achieve a more attractive facial profile through symmetry, proportion and balance.


Rhinoplasty is usually done as an outpatient procedure, which means you will not need to spend any nights in the hospital. You will head home a few hours after your surgery, usually with instructions to have someone remain with you for the first 24 to 48 hours to ensure a safe initial recovery process. Your nose may be packed, or splints will be placed to support the new shape while healing takes place.

You are apt to experience some bruising and swelling for some time after your rhinoplasty. These side effects are completely normal and will gradually subside on their own. However, you will not realize the full impact of your surgery until they do so. We will give you instructions on how to manage and minimize swelling and bruising, including avoiding certain medications, sleeping with your head elevated and applying ice packs regularly.

Patients are usually back to work within one to two weeks. Due to the side effects that often accompany rhinoplasty, like bruising or swelling, some patients might feel self-conscious about going out and about in the days immediately following surgery. However, most patients feel ready to go back to public activities within about two weeks. Strenuous exercise will be restricted longer to give your body time to heal, with most patients resuming workout routines in four to six weeks.


The success of your rhinoplasty will depend largely on the surgeon you select to perform your procedure. While many plastic surgeons offer this surgery, not all will have the expertise to provide you with the best results in terms of both form and function. Surgeons that are board-certified otolaryngologists as well as facial plastic surgeons bring additional knowledge of facial anatomy and physiology to the operating table, giving patients peace-of-mind in knowing their procedure will offer natural, beautiful results while protecting the inner structure and function of the nose. Dr Bradley Chastant, Dr Jeffrey Joseph, Dr Jason Durel, and Dr Ryan Chastant at Acadian Facial Plastic Surgery Center have these credentials, ensuring our patients receive the highest level of care and the best outcomes from their surgery.


Although results of rhinoplasty may take a few months to develop completely, once the outcome is apparent, it should be very long-lasting. Most patients do not require more than one surgery to achieve their aesthetic goals for their nose. While the results may be subtle, they will have a profound impact on the shape, proportion and balance of your face overall. If rhinoplasty sounds like a procedure you might be interested in pursuing, now is the time to contact Acadian Facial Plastic Surgery Center at 337-237-0650.